Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SUNYIT Campus in Marcy Abuzz With Activity

If you haven't been to the SUNYIT campus in Marcy in the last few years (or ever at all) it is worth a drive through to see all the exciting new development and growth that has taken place. As things have gotten tougher here in the Mohawk Valley, the developments at the SUNYIT Campus is one of the glimmers and bright spots now, and for the future. Especially, as an opportunity for our talented young graduates employment prospects and the opportunity to stay here in the Mohawk Valley! Groundbreaking is expected on the new "Clean-room" and office space to be occupied and utilized by high technology companies. The facilities and the availability of a young, highly trained work force, has become a selling point, and is something of great interest to high technology chip fab companies. Many of which are looking at the possibility of building an adjacent plant at the site next door, to build new state of the art chip fab plants. We applaud and wish SUNYIT well in their efforts. Read more in our upcoming issue of "Village Green".

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